Who We Are

Who We are

Siyathuthukisa, Siyafundisa njalo Siyeseka Amasiko , Isintu lemvelaphi yethu. Sigiya ngamasiko is a charitable  non profit making organization aimed at promoting , teaching and supporting our culture and heritage.
Culture is so big that it houses all of us and gives us a great sense of belonging and unity to know that we are one people. Sigiya Ngamasiko Ethu seeks to celebrate and preserve, uplift and uphold our culture. We strive to make sure that cultural norms and traditions are  never out of sight or reach of any generation.  We do this through all activities that screams “Isiko Lethu”. Amongst other traditional channels, we utilize the use of media to  reach out to people all over the world.

How We Do it

Sigiya Ngamasiko Ethu employs the use of dance, captivating and educational story telling, music, poetry and the marvelous activities of art that have been passed down upon us from generation to generation in embracing and keeping our culture. The use of digital platforms as well as these activities has proven to be  a great vehicle with which our tradition and culture can be preserved and passed on to generations to come.

With whom?

As Sigiya Ngamsiko ethu, we work with anyone with a passion for and desire to further this cause. We work with a wonderful and flawless team of artists who are gifted in delivering the message loud and clear in various forms. 


Sheila Sibanda

- Founder, CEO, Babakazi and President

Sithandazile Dube

- Cultural Embassador, Presenter and Actress

Karabo ka Mamo

Co-Founder, Operations Manager, Innovation and Creative Developer

Rose Biza

- Secretary and Counsel

Nhlanhla Malisa Dube

Co-Founder, Branding, Technical Communications and Creative Developer

Nkululekho Gwabalanda Mathe

Events Organiser and Journalist